Outfit of the Day

This is a pretty lame outfit but I’m at the hair salon with nothing to do!

Tank: Target
Capris: Old Navy
Flip flops: Fred Meyer
Bracelet: my friend made it for me



June Favorites

This month I have less beauty favorites than usual! I do have a lot of unique favorites though so I’m excited to make this post.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm Lavender Lip Balm: I purchased this at a street fair in San Diego but you can purchase it online as well. I love the texture of this; it is probably the smoothest most buttery lip balm I own. It smells like lavender when you apply it so that is great, but I wish the lavender scent stayed for a while!

Wet’n’Wild Walking on Eggshells trio: A lot of people have this trio, and for good reason! Wet’n’wild makes some of the best eyeshadows ever in my opinion. They are really pigmented and soft and this set in particular is very neutral. I like that I can do my eye makeup without having to think about what I will be wearing.

Ulta body mist in va va vanilla: This has been my go-to body spray for this month. It smells so warm and delicious! I wouldn’t say it’s the longest lasting spray but it does last a while, especially if you spray it in your hair.

Mint watch: My mom bought this for me at Target. I have worn it so much; I didn’t know how versatile it was going to be. They have it in other colors as well and I would really like to get more, it’s a really comfortable watch and it adds a lot to an outfit.

Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas: I hadn’t heard this song in a long time and it came on my Pandora and I’ve really liked it since then! It is more upbeat than my usual music so it is great for when I am doing boring things like cleaning.

Reading: Now that school’s out I’ve been reading more. I finally finished some books I started reading in 2010! Right now I am trying to read The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel but I’m not enjoying it very much.

Skeleton key necklace: I got mine at Charming Charlie for about $8. I’d been dying to get a key necklace because my favorite youtuber wears one in some of her videos and I really liked it!

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap: This is one of my all time favorite products but I’ve been using it a lot more this month. Previously I was using a benzoyl peroxide soap bar but I think this is working better for me. Bonus: It doesn’t contain animal ingredients and it’s really cheap.

Aloe vera: It’s been really hot out and I haven’t felt the need to use my regular moisturizer during the day. If I’m going out I mix aloe vera gel with sunscreen and apply it under my makeup. I really like that it keeps my face from feeling dry after I wash it but it doesn’t feel heavy. I’m hoping to find one that doesn’t contain the bad chemicals that the one I am currently using does.

My fitness pal app: This app has been so helpful! I tried one other calorie/fitness tracking app before and this one is much better. You can log how long you exercised and it tells you how many calories you burned, plus it knows almost any food you can think of and you can track how many calories you’re consuming. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far using this app.

Netflix: Sometimes I get mad at Netflix because it doesn’t have a lot to choose from now that they separated the DVD and streaming options, but it’s been great this month. I re-watched almost every episode of The Office and they finally got season 1 of Pretty Little Liars.

If anyone else has made a June Favorites post or video I would love to read/watch it if you link it in the comments!



Collective Haul

I’ve been shopping a few times this month and I really like most of the items!

Makeup: Keys Creek Lavender Farm Lavender Lip Balm: I only have one item in this category and it’s not even really makeup. I will be talking more about this item in my June favorites post. This lavender lip balm smells really nice and is really smooth.








Gray lace tank – Target: This was a little bit pricy for what it is ($10) but I really liked it and they had so many cute colors it was hard to decide. I got the gray one obviously but I am considering getting the mint one as well.









Teal chiffon button-up – Tilly’s: I bought this because I wanted something similar to the Kirra cut-out back top from Pacsun which was sold out :( I actually might like this one better because it has a normal hemline and the back is solid so I can wear it year round.









White dress – Ross (brand: Sequin Hearts): I cannot believe this dress. It is so well made and classic looking. It was on sale for $14.









Floral chiffon top – Ross (brand: Poetry): This shirt is pretty cute. There’s a lot of tops out there like it but I thought it would be a simple shirt that doesn’t need a lot of accessories to look cute.









Slippers – Target: I’ve wanted these slippers for a while but kept forgetting to see if they had them in my size so I was really happy when they did! We don’t have carpet in our house and I hate walking on the cold floors so these are really nice and not hard to walk in like other slippers (I can drive in them too, for lazy trips to Taco Bell).







White sneakers – Target: Not much to say about these, they’re pretty basic and will go with a lot of things.






Cherry headband – art fair: I really wanted one of the headbands that you can tie in a cute bow on top of your head! This was really affordable ($5) and came in tons of cute prints.

Feather turquoise necklace: I was looking at necklaces on Forever 21’s websites and I really wanted this one. The next day I went to the store and for once they had what I wanted in stock! I think it is so gorgeous and fits with my style really well.

Review: Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lip Color

I bought my first of these lipsticks looking for something that would look like what Bella wears in the Twilight movies. I’m not a huge fan of the formulation but the price and the fact that it is vegan (the red one is on the list of Wet’n’Wild’s vegan products seen here but I don’t know about the peach one: http://wnwbeauty.com/faq.php#12) make up for it. Now on to what I like and dislike about these lipsticks.

– Cheap: $1.99 at Walmart
– Shades 900B through 919B are vegan according to Wet’n’Wild
– Pigmented, I’ll have swatches at the bottom of the post
– Accessible, it’s rare to find something without animal ingredients at a convenient place like Walmart

– Drying: I have dry lips to begin with so this sucks but if I use it with a lip balm and/or gloss it looks fine
– Matte finish, this goes along with being a dry formula. I definitely prefer creamy finishes (think Revlon lip butters)

Top: Spiked with Rum 915B
Bottom: Just Peachy 903C

How I Style: Jeans and a White Tee

This is a basic combination that everyone has! I thought it was really fun to see how many different looks I could come up with. The shirt I’m wearing is a Hanes men’s v-neck and my jeans are Hollister Laguna Skinny (I believe they are dark wash).

This outfit is pretty casual but still looks put together. I love boots that go up higher (these aren’t quite knee high), I think they really make the outfit. My scarf is from Target and the boots are from Charlotte Russe.

I think this outfit is the coolest out of the ones in this post. I’m wearing my favorite jacket from Tilly’s (brand: Full Tilt). I think the jacket is the center piece. My necklace is from For Love 21, it was a total rip off for the price (almost 20 bucks) but I couldn’t resist it because it just looked so cool. These boots are also from Charlotte Russe, if they still have them on the website I highly recommend them because I get so many compliments on them. Plus they are really comfy.

This outfit is inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The jacket is from Target, it’s extremely comfortable and I love the color. Moccasins totally represent Northwestern style, these are from JC Penney. Fittingly, my necklace is a space needle!

This outfit is one I would wear to the beach. The jewelry is pretty beachy (watch: Target, bracelet: unknown, necklace: Disneyland) and the sandals look awesome when the light hits the rhinestones (they’re from Marshall’s).

I’m not sure how to describe this last outfit. It’s definitely casual and less girly then the previous outfits. My jacket is from Ross by the brand Hurley and my shoes are obviously Vans. I like this outfit for days when I don’t really feel like trying but I still want to look decent. Regularly I would wear a black beanie with this but because my face/head isn’t in the photo I didn’t bother.

By the way, it has been extremely exciting now that I’m finally getting some readers! I’ve had a few people like or comment on my posts and it really means a lot to me, so thank you!


Things I’m Looking Forward To

Today I felt like doing a post that’s kind of a mix of things I want to buy/things I’m looking forward to.
First off, I really want some new nail polishes. I have quite a few but not a ridiculous amount (in my opinion). I want a nude polish because it looks so classy. I can’t seem to find one that’s cruelty free with a cream finish. I also want a white polish because I’ve heard that you can use it under a sheer polish to avoid having to use tons of coats.
Next, I would really like a vegan or vegetarian lip gloss. I love simple glosses with doe foot applicators. I’m thinking of purchasing one on etsy because there’s a lot of affordable options, or from Pumpkin and Poppy Cosmetics.
For a while I wasn’t really into the hippie headband trend, however it has really grown on me. I think they can look so cute and fashionable as long as you don’t end up with your hair in that weird poof at the top of your head. I will probably look for one at Forever21.
The final thing I am hoping to buy is an anchor necklace. I finally got a skeleton key necklace that I’d wanted forever, so now I need to get my hands on an anchor necklace.


Now something I’m looking forward to personally is going back to the Northwest for the summer. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to moving back there and I think I need to spend some time there before I make such a huge decision. On a lighter note, I’m excited to start self tanning! I don’t like to waste my self tanner so I’ll probably start using it before my trip. Last year I was the tannest I have ever been (hence why my Facebook picture is from last year), and I miss it! Another beauty related thing I’m looking forward to is getting my hair cut. I have really long hair and the ends are starting to look a little frayed, so I’m hoping to get it cut this week and then dye it. I’ve dyed my own hair for a few years now and I usually go for a dark reddish brown. I will probably make a post when I dye my hair because I am trying out a new brand. Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now!

Review: Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser

I purchased this about 4 years ago but I only use it on and off, hence why I still have a lot left. That is not to say I don’t like this product, I actually think it is amazing!! I tend to use other facial cleansers because they are less expensive and I prefer to reserve this for the removal of makeup so as not to use it all up!


  • Takes makeup off like no other
  • Smells really great, like pineapple
  • Nice consistency/lathers well
  • Easily dispensed
  • Easily accessible (sold at Target, Walmart, etc.)
  • Vegetarian and paraben free


  • Difficult to rinse off due to lather
  • Pricey (approximately $10-$14 depending on where you buy it), however you are getting a fair amount of product for the price (8 oz) compared with high end facial washes
  • If it gets in your eyes it burns like hell

Overall, I would recommend this to someone who wears makeup frequently and doesn’t like to take multiple steps to remove it (that being said, I wouldn’t take off my eye makeup with this!). It is also a huge plus to me that this is a vegetarian product.

Casual Weekend Outfit of the Day

Shirt: Target – I love wearing it off the shoulder, it feels more fashionable

Cami: Target

Capris: Old Navy

Flip flops: Fred Meyer

Necklace: Charming Charlie – such a cool store

Watch: Target – I previously mentioned how I couldn’t get my hands on this because it was out of stock at my store, but that night my mom brought it home to me from a different store! She also took the photo for this post.