August Favorites

August Favorites

  • E.L.F. pressed powder: this has been one of my favorite products for a long time, but I usually used it to set my liquid foundation. This month I used it as my foundation and it worked out great! It gave the coverage I needed aside from a few problem-skin days. Also, I don’t feel bad about using it up because it’s only $1.

  • Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pakoras: I discovered these in my friend’s freezer and at first I wasn’t too impressed but the next day I found myself craving them and I’ve purchased two boxes since then! They’re really good and they go well with a lot of different foods.

  • CO Bigelow mentha lip shines: My friend gave these to me because she didn’t use them anymore, and I really like them! I have the flavors orange, grapefruit and lemon lime. They’re really moisturizing, smell good and give the tingly feeling that comes with mentha lip products. They also give a nice shine to my lips.

  • My friends: I live in a different state than most of my friends and this month I got to go back and see most of them. I had a lot of fun and got to explore a bit more of Seattle and the surrounding areas than I have before with them. It is nice to know that after almost two years since moving I am still friends with these girls!
  • Britney Spears – Femme Fatale: I spent a lot of time in the car this month so my friend and I gathered a few CDs. The songs on this album are so catchy and upbeat. A few of my favorites are: How I Roll, (Drop Dead) Beautiful and Trouble for Me.

  • Aaron Carter – Aaron’s Party (Come Get It): this was a total throwback for me. I used to listen to this all the time when I was really young and it is so fun to listen to. One of the songs I didn’t remember was That’s How I Beat Shaq and me and my friend about pissed our pants when we heard this song, I highly recommend that you go listen to it right now. Other songs that are my favorite: Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), I Want Candy, My Internet Girl and of course That’s How I Beat Shaq.
  • Soundgarden – Down on the Upside: This was nice to listen to when we were downtown and such. Grunge music just fits with Seattle. My favorite songs are: Pretty Noose, Dusty, and Blow Up The Outside World.
  • Self tanning: I’m not going to mention a specific self tanner because I really don’t care for a particular one. Self tanning in general has been awesome this month! Last summer I laid outside a ton and got a really dark tan but now I am really afraid of skin cancer so I have been using a lot of sunscreen. Self tanning is the way to go! Although some of the chemicals/preservatives in self tanner are terrible as well so I don’t plan on self tanning year round unless I find a good one without all of the bad chemicals.

  • Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino drink: I’d never tried the bottled Starbucks drinks before but my friend had a huge pack of them and they are so good! They’re not a whole lot cheaper than an actual Starbucks drink though so that sucked but they’re still good.
  • Victoria’s Secret cropped yoga leggings: I think these were in my favorites last month too… anyways, I’ve traveled a ton this month and as I said before I spent a lot of time in the car so these pants were perfect! They’re cute and not frumpy like regular sweats but they’re still comfortable. I love them so much I just bought a pair of cropped yoga leggings from Target that are identical (just without the PINK written on the back). They’re only $12 on sale at Target in this week’s ad so everyone should go get some!

Also, now that it is almost September, the excitement for fall has hit me! I believe the pumpkin spice latte comes out on September 4th and I’m about to die, I have a countdown for it on my phone. I was curious if anyone has smelled the sweet cinnamon pumpkin scent from Bath and Body Works because I was considering buying it, if anyone knows if it’s any good I would love to know! Thanks for reading!


Skin Care Routine

This post was inspired by one of my favorite beauty bloggers. As far as my skin type goes, I would say I have combination/oily. Now on to the products I use.

Wash – Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap: I have been using this soap on and off for a really long time. I like this soap because I feel that it cleans my skin well without drying it out. It is very affordable as well as vegetarian. Lately I have been using this in the morning and at night, and if I need to I will use it in the afternoon as well.

– Witch Hazel: I use the one from Target’s store brand because it was the cheapest. I really like this because it is so mild and it just takes any oil off of my skin without really drying my face. If I’m wearing makeup and my face is a bit oily but I don’t want to take off my makeup I can use it a bit of this and it works really well.
– Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent: I don’t use this too often but it works pretty well. It burns a bit so I don’t recommend it for sensitive skin, but if you’re breaking out it can help. I probably won’t repurchase because I don’t think Clean and Clear is cruelty free.

Scrub – St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub: I love this scrub because it exfoliates without being really harsh. I still use some kind of moisturizer afterwards though.

Mask – Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: I use this every other night. I don’t think it does anything spectacular but it’s fun to use and it is refreshing.

– Alba Aloe and Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer: I love this moisturizer. I can use it in the morning, at night and under makeup. I will probably make a separate review of this product later on.
– Aloe Vera Gel: I’ve been loving this because it’s summer and this is so light. I’ve been wearing this product under my makeup more often than the Alba lotion recently. I hope to find an aloe vera gel that doesn’t have all the bad chemicals that mine does.
– Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 70: When I go out I mix this with one of the moisturizers I mentioned above. Not much to say about this but it’s nice because it doesn’t make your face feel greasy.

Acne Treatments:
– Equate Spot Treatment: This is 10% Benzoyl Peroxide which I believe is the highest you can get without a prescription. It is really harsh so be careful when using this. My skin isn’t very sensitive so I don’t have a problem using this sparingly on problem areas. In the past I have used quite a bit of it all over my face in an effort to clear up my skin and it seemed to be working until my face got really flaky and this stuff itches too!! I do recommend it though as long as you use it carefully.
– SkinMedica Acne Treatment Lotion: This is made with salicylic acid so it’s less harsh. I really like products with salicylic acid and I hope to find something similar to this at the drugstore because this is pretty expensive.

– Face Secrets Facial Cleansing Brush: This is one of my favorite products ever! It works so incredibly well. It makes my skin feel so smooth and clean after I use it and it takes makeup off as well. It’s really cheap and I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply.
– Face sponge: I don’t know what brand this is but they sell these everywhere. This is nice if you want to stick to a routine and use only one face wash but still want to exfoliate. I prefer to use this before applying makeup rather than the exfoliating brush because it is less harsh.

Shopping Outfit of the Day

Today I went shopping and out to lunch with my brother. I’ve been trying to put more effort into my outfits on hot days than just shorts and a tee. The vest was probably my favorite part of the outfit. My shell necklace and mint watch have turned out to be staples for me this summer!

Vest: TJ Maxx
Tank: Target
Shorts: Hollister
Flip flops: Old Navy
Necklace: a store in Cannon Beach
Watch: Target
Bag: San Diego Saturday market

Everyday Makeup Routine

Face: I’ve been really proud of myself because I haven’t gone without foundation for years (not like I wear it everyday but on days when I wear makeup) and I’ve managed to cut back to only powder. I have red skin + red marks from past acne so I tend to go for full coverage foundations but I have been pretty satisfied with just powder. It doesn’t cover everything but some of the marks were too dark to cover with anything so I might as well use something lighter. The powder I use is the one dollar one from E.L.F. If I do feel like I need a bit more coverage on a particular day I will use my ULTA mineral powder foundation in problem areas. I don’t wear blush everyday but my favorite blush is Hard Candy’s Living Doll. Also, I didn’t include it in the photo but I like the blush from the E.L.F. blush and bronzer duo.

Eyes: First off I always prime my eyes and I really like the E.L.F. primer, I don’t feel bad about using it up every day like I did with the Urban Decay one because it’s only a dollar. Next I just use the eyeshadow “Sin” by Urban Decay, or a similar shimmery color. After that I line my upper lashline with a black liner, usually E.L.F. cream eyeliner. My mascara routine varies and I don’t have one that I’m in love with but I’ve been using Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara and Maybelline Define a Lash waterproof.


Lips: I do love using colored lip products but lately I have just been using either a lip balm or some kind of clear gloss.

At first I was so tired of hearing people go on and on about how they wear less makeup in the summer but now I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. I don’t know if this routine will carry over into the fall/winter (last winter I was really into dark eye makeup) but I really like the way my makeup turns out with this routine. It’s also nice that I can get ready in just a few minutes. If anyone who reads this has a makeup blog and has made an everyday makeup routine post I would love to read it!


So today I wanted to make a quick post about someone on youtube. As I mentioned in my first post ever I really enjoy watching beauty/fashion videos on youtube. That is the number one reason why I became so obsessed with makeup/clothes and why I started this blog! Anyways, someone I subscribed to had something happen to her channel so she can no longer have the opportunity to make money with adsense. She started a new channel and asked her subscribers to spread the word! Here is the link to her new channel: I really enjoy her videos and personality and she is from Washington, like me!!

Side note: if anyone who reads this has a beauty/fashion youtube channel I would love it if you link it to me!

Traveling Outfit of the Day

This was the day I came home from my trip to the Northwest :( Anyways, I’m a comfort freak when I travel so this outfit definitely fulfilled that!

Yoga leggings: Victoria’s Secret
Cami: Target
Tee shirt: Urban Outfitters
Moccasins: JC Penney
Watch: Target
Necklace: Space Needle gift shop
Ring that you can hardly see: Kohls

Purse Collection

I am obsessed with purses! I don’t buy or own too many but I love most of the ones I have.

Steve Madden sequin satchel: This might be my most used purse. It is literally the most functional thing ever. It doesn’t hurt to carry, plus the outside pockets are ridiculously helpful. I bought this on a whim because it reminded me of Carly Cristman and I couldn’t resist. The regular price was pretty high but I got it on sale for $50.

Coach purse: I wear this purse when I’m feeling fancy. I got it from my mom because frankly I can’t afford a Coach bag on my own. I love how neutral/versatile it is. It kind of sags in the middle when you wear it so I wouldn’t purchase this style on my own but I do like it a lot.

Patchwork crossbody: I got this from a stand at the San Diego Saturday market. I’ve seen the dude there before so if you happen to go the the market he was one of the last booths at the very top. Anyway, this type of bag is sold at a lot of different summer/weekend markets. I got this for $23! I absolutely love that it has a cell phone pocket on the strap and it has a zip and button closure. I get a ton of compliments on it as well.

Brown messenger bag: This is probably my least favorite purse. I love the way it looks but it just doesn’t sit on my shoulder very well. I got it at Goodwill for $5 so it’s not a huge disappointment but it makes me mad that it couldn’t just be comfortable and then I would love it!

Juicy couture purse: This is the other purse that may be my most used. I’ve had this for like 3 years and I still love it. I used to use it as my school bag sophomore year and now I use it on days when I want to carry a lot of stuff. It has a pocket on the back that is really nice for carrying your phone and other things you need to grab frequently. I got this for a really good deal, I think around $50 at Macy’s.

Heart wristlet: When I bought this I had no idea how much I would use it! I got it on sale for about $8 at Macy’s. It is so handy for days when I don’t feel like carrying around a purse. It actually holds a lot and if I am just running errands it is easy to reach in and grab my keys, money, etc.

Coach wristlet: My cousin wanted her wristlet in this post. Here’s what she likes about it: It can hold all that you need. It has cardholders and a pocket for money. I got it at the Coach store for about $100.

Mirror Outfit of the Day

Lately I’ve been wearing cute outfits but forgetting to get my picture taken!! So today I planned ahead and took my photo in a mirror in case I forgot (which I did). It’s not scenic but it gets the job done.

Cardigan: Goodwill, brand new from Target!
Cami: Target
Skirt: Forever21
Watch: Nordstrom
Bag: San Diego Saturday market


Polish: Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect – Raspberry Energy

At first I was really psyched about this polish. It’s a bit brighter in real life and so pretty. It only took one coat to be opaque too. I painted my nails with it yesterday and it is already chipping on the tips :( I didn’t use a top coat but it still sucks. Anyway, at least it’s a pretty color!