Outfit of the Day

vest - Macy's, shirt - Target, jeans - Macy's, shoes - Target, purse - Macy's

vest – Macy’s, shirt – Target, jeans – Macy’s, shoes – Target, purse – Macy’s

The day I wore this we just did some shopping at a cool mall.I wanted a festive and comfortable outfit. My vest and hair blocked my shirt but it has an adorable sparkly walrus on it! It was actually from the little girl’s section at Target… but hey, an extra large fits and it was only $6! You won’t find that deal in the junior’s/misses section, haha! I wish I had a better picture of my purse and shoes as well, but I’m too lazy. Anyways, the moccasins are silver and sequined and the purse is gloriously covered in black sequins! I think they tie in pretty well with the glitter walrus. To make the outfit feel more winter-y without adding too many layers I wore this puffy gray vest and my favorite gray beanie (not pictured).
bigxmastreewhichwichRandom side note: I ate at Which Wich for the first time and it was so good! Anyways, I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas!


Outfit of the Day

vest - Macy's, plaid top - Old Navy, jeans - Wet Seal, purse - Macy's, boots - JCPenney

vest – Macy’s, plaid top – Old Navy, jeans – Wet Seal, purse – Macy’s, boots – JCPenney

I wore this outfit yesterday for some last minute Christmas shopping! I want to wear this flannel as much as I can while it’s winter because the colors are so Christmas-y. I got this vest last year and I haven’t worn it too much, but I’ve been starting to lately. To make the outfit more festive I wore my favorite furry boots and sequin satchel. This bag is so awesome in the winter time, I love sparkles!
SONY DSCI hope everyone has a happy holiday season and a merry Christmas!

Silver Bells


Revlon – Silver Dollar

Woo, Christmas nails!
This polish is pretty great. It’s extremely metallic. My brother even said it looked like I had metal on my nails! The only bad thing is that I bought this before I knew Revlon wasn’t cruelty free, so I won’t be purchasing it again. Although, I never re-purchase nail polishes because I never use them up! Anyways, this was only one decently thick coat and it is totally opaque.

Outfit of the Day


plaid top – Forever21, black v-neck – Target, black jeans – Hot Topic, boots – Charlotte Russe, necklace – Disneyland crystal shop

This outfit’s becoming way typical of me. I wore this on probably the busiest, worst day I’ve had in a while. I started the morning with hours of finals while I was still getting over a bad cold. Then I went to the dentist and found out that my braces gave me two cavities :( the first cavities I’ve had in my whole life!! Luckily that day is over! Anyways, I do like this outfit despite the crappy day. As I’ve mentioned before, these plaid shirts are my favorite! My Hot Topic jeans are also the most comfortable in existence.

heartnecklaceSONY DSCAs the day wore on, it got colder and we actually had a freak hail storm! I got soaked just walking from my car to the mall. Luckily I added a brown faux-leather jacket, but I forgot to photograph it :( plus, who wants to take blog photos while getting hailed on? Sure as hail not me.

Christmas Shopping Outfit of the Day


plaid shirt – Forever21, black v-neck – Target, black leggings – Forever21, boots – JCPenney, necklace – Macy’s

This may be one of my new favorite outfits. I recently got these awesome plaid shirts from Forever21 for $12! They’re perfect for my style and especially with the winter weather here in southern California. I thought the red was slightly festive, and looked even more winter-y paired with these boots. I actually bought these while I was out shopping and I love them! They might be slippers but I’m the type that will wear whatever footwear out of the house as long as it is suitable and these have awesome thick soles.
SONY DSCI can see why some people might think they’re ugly but I always tend to like things that other people think are hideous (e.g. bubble necklaces). Anyways, I loved this cozy SoCal winter outfit! I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.