Easy Vegan Meal Idea

Today I thought I’d do a somewhat different post. I would like to incorporate more vegetarian lifestyle posts in to my blog because that is something very important to me. This “recipe” is so easy and delicious, it’s worth giving a shot even if you eat meat.
Ingredients: you can find all of these things at Whole Foods

  • Rudi’s Rocky Mountain sourdough bread (or other vegan bread)
  • Tofurky deli slices
  • Smoky maple bacon tempeh
  • Vegenaise (I use the soy free kind)
  • Olive/vegetable oil


This takes less than 10 minutes to make! First, I put whatever oil I have in to a pan and fry four slices of the tempeh until it’s medium brown on each side.While that’s cooking I toast the sourdough bread. Then I put the tempeh and bread together, and add Tofurky and Vegenaise and voila!
vegansandwichNot even a recipe, just a meal idea if you’re looking for some cruelty free inspiration. Thanks for reading!


Cat DJ Outfit of the Day

Shirt - Forever 21, jeans - Macy's, flip flops - Ross

Shirt – Forever 21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross

I am so happy I found this shirt! I first saw it in someone’s Instagram picture and HAD to have it. It took a few trips to Forever 21 to finally find it but all’s well that ends well.


DJ Dead Mouse.
Not my joke, but too good not to share.

Anyway, I have been so off my blogging game for a long time now. I constantly think about blogging but I just never get around to making a post. I’m either too lazy to take photos or I just have no inspiration. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better cause I have a few post ideas. I want to write about one of my favorite vegetarian meals, as well as a review on the Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadows I just ordered.

catshirtcaprisunWell, that’s all for now folks. I hope you liked my weird Cat DJ outfit of the day!