Thoughts on Poshmark

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to do a post about the website Poshmark. This site is a place to re-sell your clothing, jewelry, handbags, etc. I’ve used this site many times and I am actually shocked at how many times I’ve been able to use it. Most of the clothing I own that I would be willing to part with is super worn and wouldn’t sell for anything. However, I’ve managed to find several things in my closet that were decent enough to sell on Poshmark. Sometimes we just outgrow things, either physically or style-wise. For the purpose of detailing what kinds of things are able to sell on this website, I’ll list below everything I’ve sold through Poshmark:

  1. Forever 21 black skinny jeans: sold for $8
    While it’s not a lot of money, the jeans didn’t fit me anymore and they only took up space in my closet. Personally I would rather have a bit of money than an item of clothing I literally never use.
  2. Coach flats: sold for $35
    Designer stuff is pretty easy to sell on Poshmark. There seems to be a large community of people on there that either buy designer items for their own enjoyment or to re-sell at a higher price, we’ll never know… It doesn’t matter to me what the buyer does with my stuff after they’ve purchased it!
  3. Flower statement necklace: sold for $12
    I bought this necklace when I was going through sorority recruitment to wear with one of my formal outfits. I usually wear more delicate jewelry in my usual style so I didn’t want this item anymore.
  4. Coach canvas logo purse: sold for $75
    As I said before, designer stuff is easy to sell. Most people just want to know that it’s authentic so it would be great if you have a way of verifying that. In this case, I included the duster bag that I got when I purchased the bag from Coach.
  5. Michael Kors jet set logo tote: sold for $145
    Michael Kors is insanely popular on this app and in most of the real world as well. This bag retails for $198 brand new so I was kind of shocked to get so much money for a used bag. It was in great condition though.

Poshmark is unique because it doesn’t make the seller pay for the shipping cost. I’ve found this to be one of the main reasons why I sell my items through them instead of other sites like eBay or craigslist. Ebay makes you figure out your own shipping method and pay for it yourself, while craigslist exposes you to weirdos! Poshmark provides a pre-paid shipping label which I just print out and adhere to a box I found laying in my garage from one of my Dad’s many purchases.

So overall, Poshmark is an awesome website to list things that you no longer want or need. Unfortunately, this site does have a downside. They do take a rather large cut of your profits. If you’re selling something that costs less than $15, Poshmark will take $2.95. If you’re selling something that costs $15 or more, Poshmark takes 20%. Their fees are understandable because it would not be as easy to network with people who are specifically looking for gently used women’s fashions of all price ranges. That doesn’t stop the pain from setting in when you sell a Michael Kors bag and only receive $116…. haha.

Despite this downside, I will definitely  continue to use Poshmark. It’s a nice way to not only clean out your closet but to make a bit of money in the process.

If you’re interested in browsing my Poshmark store, my username is nutmeg95.

Thanks for reading,


e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Review

elf foundation
I’ve used this product religiously for about 3 months now! My previous favorite foundations were a little too light for my skin tone and I found myself having to use a ton just to cover all of the redness on my face. While I wouldn’t say this is the perfect foundation, I think it’s worth giving it a shot if you’re looking for something new. Here’s the rundown:


  • 8/10 full coverage. I find myself having to use less of this product to get the full coverage effect that I look for than with other foundations. That being said, I do still have to use concealer on the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but I have yet to find a foundation that can cover those spots.
  • Hella cheap! It’s around $6 at Target and somehow doesn’t suck. I’ve had really bad experiences with cheap foundations before so I’m glad I didn’t give up hope.
  • Very nice packaging. It reminds me of the Makeup Forever HD foundation packaging but dare I say it, nicer?! The bottle is made of sturdy frosted glass and it has the ever-popular pump dispenser.
  • Dewy finish. If you would prefer a matte finish you can just set it with a matte face powder.


  • Lame shade range. If your skin is on the medium to dark end, you will probably have an easier time finding the right shade for you. But us pale girls are pushing it even with the lightest shade. I use porcelain (the lightest) and it is still slightly too dark for my skin tone but I use it anyway as long as I blend it on to my neck.
  • It could be a little bit too thick for some tastes. It is almost mousse-like but not quite.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable, full coverage foundation I think this could be a great match for you! Just make sure you look at swatches before buying because their shade range is a little iffy.

Review: E.L.F. Tinted Lip Balm in Rose

I bought this hoping for something that would give my lips the just-bitten, Twilight-esque look. That isn’t this product but luckily I have found one that fulfilled this purpose, which I will review later. This product is still nice in it’s own way.


  • Easy to buy, sold at Target
  • Pretty color
  • Smells nice, minty
  • Cute packaging


  • More opaque than I wanted, although that could be a good thing depending on what you are looking for
  • In my opinion it’s a bit expensive for a tinted lip balm, $3, but you probably couldn’t do much better anyways
  • Not as moisturizing as a balm

Top: one swipe
Bottom: full color

Review: E.L.F. pressed powder

It’s pretty obvious that I am a major user of E.L.F. products. They’re cheap, accessible and a lot of them have become must-haves for me. This pressed powder has become a part of my everyday routine.

– As I mentioned, it’s easy to buy (sold at Target)
– Cheap ($1)
– Pigmented for a pressed powder, I’ve been using it as my foundation lately. It also works well over liquid foundation.

– Honestly, I can’t think of any!

Review: E.L.F. Makeup Mist and Set

This was one of those purchases that you know you don’t need but you have to have it anyways. I’d been wanting to try using face primers but I couldn’t find one that was affordable, plus I didn’t want it to make me break out like I’ve heard a lot of them do. I decided I’d try a setting spray instead, considering it was only $3. As for making my makeup last longer,  I wish I could say but I don’t really have a problem with my foundation coming off.


  • Cheap, $3
  • Easy to buy, sold at Target
  • Mine doesn’t have the bad smell that a lot of people complained about
  • On days when my skin feels a bit dry or I used too much powder, a few sprays of this makes my face feel amazing and it makes my makeup look nice and dewy
  • My cousin has really dry, sensitive skin and she tried this and loved it, she said it helped reduce the appearance of flakiness


  • You don’t get a lot of product  (2.02 fl oz)

Review and swatches: Physicians Formula Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Amber Minerals

I was lucky enough to find this at the 99 cent store (don’t judge me) but seriously, physicians formula is expensive!

–  Cheap, 99 cents haha!
– Neutral and versatile, it gives a really great defined look for days when I feel like using makeup but don’t want to do too much with colors
– Soft and not chalky
– Nice packaging/layout, the shadows are kind of all in one brick so if you want to mix colors you can

– Might not be available to everyone because I’m not sure where you can buy this quad

Review: E.L.F. Blush in Mellow Mauve

I bought this blush in the fall hoping for a more dramatic color. That is definitely not what I got!


  • it’s a pretty color
  • gives a very natural flush
  • cheap and accessible, $3 at Target


  • so sheer I can’t even believe it, it hardly shows when I swatch it unless it’s wet
  • weird texture, not what I would call chalky but you seriously have to dig it out with your brush to get the color

Overall, I would not recommend this product.

Review: Target Xhilaration Wayfarers


  • way cute!
  • they come in a crap load of colors, prints and finishes
  • fairly cheap, $13
  • easy to buy, sold at Target
  • more comfortable than a lot of sunglasses, they don’t dig into your ears


  • can get uncomfortable after awhile (e.g. headache) but I have that problem with every pair of sunglasses

I would recommend these if you are looking for a somewhat unique, versatile pair of glasses.

Review: Bonne Bell LipLites in Caramel Latte


-Smells like heaven!!!! It legitimately smells like a caramel latte
– Love the color, it is the perfect nude lip gloss for my skin tone. It has a shiny finish and it’s not as opaque as a nude lipstick so I find it easier to pull off.
– Awesome applicator and packaging. I’m a huge fan of the classic doe foot applicator lip glosses and I just like how simple it is and not some stupid tube that gets really messy
– Cheap and easy to buy, I got mine at walmart for a few bucks
–  I emailed Bonne Bell and they said that this flavor in particular does not contain carmine


– Bonne bell said that some of the flavors in the lip lites line contained lanolin and some other non-vegan ingredient so if you are a vegan these probably aren’t for you