Vegan Quesadilla Inspired by Taco Bell

The chicken quesadilla was one of my favorite foods from Taco Bell before I went vegetarian. The Taco Bell version is described on their website as “grilled and marinated all-white-meat chicken combined with a three cheese blend and a creamy jalapeño sauce all folded in a freshly grilled tortilla”. Here is my vegan version!
You’ll need:
• vegan tortillas – Trader Joe’s sells various kinds if you’re not sure where to get them
• Daiya pepper jack shredded cheese
• Trader Joe’s chicken-less strips
• Vegan ranch dressing
• your favorite hot sauce
I don’t really need to write instructions on how to make this because it’s so straightforward but pretty much just make the chicken-less chicken according to the package directions and then put the fake chicken and Daiya in a tortilla and make a quesadilla out of it! I used the hot sauce and ranch on the side as a good replacement for the “creamy jalapeño sauce”. I’m happy to have found a good cruelty free version of an old favorite.
Thanks for reading!

Easy Vegan Meal Idea

Today I thought I’d do a somewhat different post. I would like to incorporate more vegetarian lifestyle posts in to my blog because that is something very important to me. This “recipe” is so easy and delicious, it’s worth giving a shot even if you eat meat.
Ingredients: you can find all of these things at Whole Foods

  • Rudi’s Rocky Mountain sourdough bread (or other vegan bread)
  • Tofurky deli slices
  • Smoky maple bacon tempeh
  • Vegenaise (I use the soy free kind)
  • Olive/vegetable oil


This takes less than 10 minutes to make! First, I put whatever oil I have in to a pan and fry four slices of the tempeh until it’s medium brown on each side.While that’s cooking I toast the sourdough bread. Then I put the tempeh and bread together, and add Tofurky and Vegenaise and voila!
vegansandwichNot even a recipe, just a meal idea if you’re looking for some cruelty free inspiration. Thanks for reading!

Cat DJ Outfit of the Day

Shirt - Forever 21, jeans - Macy's, flip flops - Ross

Shirt – Forever 21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross

I am so happy I found this shirt! I first saw it in someone’s Instagram picture and HAD to have it. It took a few trips to Forever 21 to finally find it but all’s well that ends well.


DJ Dead Mouse.
Not my joke, but too good not to share.

Anyway, I have been so off my blogging game for a long time now. I constantly think about blogging but I just never get around to making a post. I’m either too lazy to take photos or I just have no inspiration. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better cause I have a few post ideas. I want to write about one of my favorite vegetarian meals, as well as a review on the Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadows I just ordered.

catshirtcaprisunWell, that’s all for now folks. I hope you liked my weird Cat DJ outfit of the day!

The Grove and more vegan food!

Jacket - Tilly's, mint sweatshirt - Whole Foods, gray cami - JC Penney, scarf - Romi, leggings - Forever21, boots - Macy's

Jacket – Tilly’s, mint sweatshirt – Whole Foods, gray cami – JC Penney, scarf – Romi, leggings – Forever21, boots – Macy’s

Today we had some relatively bad weather (for LA at least). Shopping was our rainy day activity of choice (although we went to an outdoor mall…). It didn’t really rain til later in the day but it was pretty cold so layers were key. I wore my favorite sweatshirt/top thing from Whole Foods, who would have thought that would be a good clothing store? I think the mint keeps the outfit from being too dark, like so many of my outfits are. I also wore one of my favorite scarves, it’s so soft and luxurious.

vegancrabcakeburgersprinklesbagLastly, what’s a Nutmegan blog post without food pictures? This was my first time at Veggie Grill and I had such a hard time choosing what to order! I decided on the vegan crab cake burger because it sounded so unique and it was! After lunch we went over to Sprinkles cupcakes and they had a vegan red velvet cupcake! It was really good, and instead of Sprinkles’ classic fondant circle on top, there was a “V” for vegan. Very cute and delicious.

Thanks for reading!

Lunch and thrifting

Shirt - Urban Outfitters, jeans - Wet Seal, scarf - Target, boots - Macy's, purse - Ross

Shirt – Urban Outfitters, jeans – Wet Seal, scarf – Target, boots – Macy’s, purse – Ross

Today was a pretty casual day. We went out to lunch at Chipotle (delicious) and then went thrift shopping. I went to a thrift store I had never been to before and found two new shirts. I like one of them and kind of regret buying the other, but oh well (it was only $6). I also had class later this night (I started college! I’m only taking one class currently but I start a second one in April). I changed this outfit a little bit for class but didn’t take a photo. Instead, I wore my black Hot Topic jeans and added my Tilly’s black and gray jacket. I feel like this shirt looks so dressy, it makes me feel less slobby than my usual jeans, furry boots and tee shirt. Also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how great scarves are. Now that this was the most random/poorly thought out post on this blog, I will say goodbye and thanks for reading!

Vegan food and Santa Monica


Vest – some store at Simi Valley mall, v-neck – Forever21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross, purse – Ross, sunglasses – Target. spike bracelet – Brandy Melville

My family from out of town is here so we’ve been doing some fun things around southern California. Today we went to lunch at this awesome restaurant called Native Foods Cafe, and we had dessert at Diddy Riese.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

It was a little cold out and I forgot my jacket, but it was still fun. I was also wearing my newest Neff beanie, it’s mint green!
ferriswheelviewWe went on the ferris wheel on the pier, I’ve been on it once before but it was still awesome! The view is insane, if you are visiting near Santa Monica I highly recommend it, I think it’s only like $5 per person.

Outfit of the Day

jacket - Costco, shirt - Urban Outfitters, jeans - Macy's, boots - JCPenney

jacket – Costco, shirt – Urban Outfitters, jeans – Macy’s, boots – JCPenney

I wore this outfit when it was finally getting legitimately cold here (Now it’s warming up again. Excuse me, it’s January, the high should not be 72 degrees!) This was the first time I’ve worn these jeans and I really like them! They’re comfortable like my amazing black Hot Topic jeans, but they’re blue and more versatile. The only thing I don’t like is the stupid logo for the cheap brand I bought them from, haha! I love how the mountain/tree print shirt and forest green jacket make the outfit feel northwest-y. These furry boots totally finish the comfortable outfit. Thanks for reading!


Outfit of the Day

vest - Macy's, shirt - Target, jeans - Macy's, shoes - Target, purse - Macy's

vest – Macy’s, shirt – Target, jeans – Macy’s, shoes – Target, purse – Macy’s

The day I wore this we just did some shopping at a cool mall.I wanted a festive and comfortable outfit. My vest and hair blocked my shirt but it has an adorable sparkly walrus on it! It was actually from the little girl’s section at Target… but hey, an extra large fits and it was only $6! You won’t find that deal in the junior’s/misses section, haha! I wish I had a better picture of my purse and shoes as well, but I’m too lazy. Anyways, the moccasins are silver and sequined and the purse is gloriously covered in black sequins! I think they tie in pretty well with the glitter walrus. To make the outfit feel more winter-y without adding too many layers I wore this puffy gray vest and my favorite gray beanie (not pictured).
bigxmastreewhichwichRandom side note: I ate at Which Wich for the first time and it was so good! Anyways, I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas!

Outfit of the Day

vest - Macy's, plaid top - Old Navy, jeans - Wet Seal, purse - Macy's, boots - JCPenney

vest – Macy’s, plaid top – Old Navy, jeans – Wet Seal, purse – Macy’s, boots – JCPenney

I wore this outfit yesterday for some last minute Christmas shopping! I want to wear this flannel as much as I can while it’s winter because the colors are so Christmas-y. I got this vest last year and I haven’t worn it too much, but I’ve been starting to lately. To make the outfit more festive I wore my favorite furry boots and sequin satchel. This bag is so awesome in the winter time, I love sparkles!
SONY DSCI hope everyone has a happy holiday season and a merry Christmas!

Silver Bells


Revlon – Silver Dollar

Woo, Christmas nails!
This polish is pretty great. It’s extremely metallic. My brother even said it looked like I had metal on my nails! The only bad thing is that I bought this before I knew Revlon wasn’t cruelty free, so I won’t be purchasing it again. Although, I never re-purchase nail polishes because I never use them up! Anyways, this was only one decently thick coat and it is totally opaque.