Cat DJ Outfit of the Day

Shirt - Forever 21, jeans - Macy's, flip flops - Ross

Shirt – Forever 21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross

I am so happy I found this shirt! I first saw it in someone’s Instagram picture and HAD to have it. It took a few trips to Forever 21 to finally find it but all’s well that ends well.


DJ Dead Mouse.
Not my joke, but too good not to share.

Anyway, I have been so off my blogging game for a long time now. I constantly think about blogging but I just never get around to making a post. I’m either too lazy to take photos or I just have no inspiration. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better cause I have a few post ideas. I want to write about one of my favorite vegetarian meals, as well as a review on the Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadows I just ordered.

catshirtcaprisunWell, that’s all for now folks. I hope you liked my weird Cat DJ outfit of the day!


Vegan food and Santa Monica


Vest – some store at Simi Valley mall, v-neck – Forever21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross, purse – Ross, sunglasses – Target. spike bracelet – Brandy Melville

My family from out of town is here so we’ve been doing some fun things around southern California. Today we went to lunch at this awesome restaurant called Native Foods Cafe, and we had dessert at Diddy Riese.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

It was a little cold out and I forgot my jacket, but it was still fun. I was also wearing my newest Neff beanie, it’s mint green!
ferriswheelviewWe went on the ferris wheel on the pier, I’ve been on it once before but it was still awesome! The view is insane, if you are visiting near Santa Monica I highly recommend it, I think it’s only like $5 per person.

Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day

V-neck: Forever21, Scarf: World Market, Jeans: Hot Topic, Boots: Macy’s

Admittedly, my outfit for thanksgiving dinner consisted of flannel pj pants and cozy layers. I put this on later for some black Friday shopping, which has turned into black Thursday which is so dumb! But what corporate America wants, corporate America gets haha! I actually like this outfit a lot. It was decently warm today as I live in California so I didn’t need a jacket or anything but it’s thanksgiving so I’m not going to wear shorts and a tank top (although some people shopping were!).

I just got this scarf yesterday and it’s so me! Shades of green/teal are my favorite colors and I love silver so it’s perfect. These jeans are also great, they’re the Hot Topic super skinny jeans and they don’t lose their shape at all. Finally, my first pair of real riding boots, Macy’s had them on sale for $25 dollars but they’re going to be $20 for black Friday if anyone’s interested. I plan on going out for more shopping later so I’ll probably modify the outfit for the cold. Anyways, I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving and if you plan on going black Friday shopping I hope you get all of the good deals :)

Ventura Outfit of the Day

Lace top: Forever21
Denim vest: it was a jean jacket from Goodwill and I cut the sleeves off
Maxi skirt: Marshalls
Sandals: Ross
Necklace: somewhere in Cannon Beach
Bracelets: 99 cent store, haha!
Rings: Kohls and Coloma, CaBag: San Diego Saturday market

Fair Outfit of the Day

I was feeling really lazy as far as getting dressed so I picked out a really comfortable dress and some cute accessories. We went to a local fair type thing where a lot of vendors come to sell their food and there’s music and other cute stuff.

Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Space Needle gift shop
Bag: San Diego Saturday market
Watch: Nordstrom
Rings: the abalone one is from a street fair, the other is from some gold mining place in Coloma and the flower one is from Kohls
Anklet: Fred Meyer
Flip flops: Old Navy


Outfit of the Day ft. my cousin

Today we were on a mission to find the Sea Birds vegan food truck. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a vegetarian so I love finding places that are strictly vegetarian/vegan instead of having to dig through the menu to find something for me. After lunch we went to the Citadel which is like a crazy outlet mall and I got two shirts I’ve wanted forever!

Dress: Forever21
Necklace: I don’t know!
Sandals: Fred Meyer
Bag: Coach

Sweater: T.J. Maxx
Tank: Garage sale
Jeans: Goodwill
Sandals: Target
Bag: our Grandma

Sea Birds food truck, I think they’re Orange County based so if you’re in the area you should definitely look up where they will be and try to get some! These were the beer battered avocado tacos.

Summer Outfits

Now that summer is in full swing, I have some fun plans coming up. I’ve been thinking alot about what I want to wear in the upcoming months so here are a few of my ideas.

I absolutely love this outfit. The color of the shirt is so beautiful and I think the awesome necklace complements it really well. I like that the boots add some edginess. If it was really hot out I would probably just wear flip flops, but I’m going to be in the northwest for a while where boots will be totally fine!

Top: Tilly’s
Shorts: Hollister
Necklace: Forever21
Boots: Charlotte Russe

I would wear this outfit on a day to day basis. It’s pretty casual but still really cute and summer appropriate because of the pink bandeau. A long necklace pulls everything together.

Tank: Papaya
Bandeau: Papaya (I think…)
Capris: Old Navy
Neckalce: Charming Charlie
Sneakers: Tilly’s

This outfit is really cute and girly. The dress is very comfortable which is nice for when it’s blazing hot outside (every day where I live). The jacket makes it look more put together and is great for summer nights.

Dress: Target
Denim jacket: Macy’s (not 100% sure of that though)
Watch: Target
Necklace: Forever21
Sandals: Marshalls

This outfit is very simple but trendy. Mint is one of my favorite colors and the semi high-waisted shorts are kind of a statement piece. I used rainbow accessories to add color.

Tee: Target
Shorts: Forever21
Necklace: Somewhere in Cannon Beach a hella long time ago, I wish I could buy more in different colors!
Sandals: Ross