Review: Bonne Bell LipLites in Caramel Latte


-Smells like heaven!!!! It legitimately smells like a caramel latte
– Love the color, it is the perfect nude lip gloss for my skin tone. It has a shiny finish and it’s not as opaque as a nude lipstick so I find it easier to pull off.
– Awesome applicator and packaging. I’m a huge fan of the classic doe foot applicator lip glosses and I just like how simple it is and not some stupid tube that gets really messy
– Cheap and easy to buy, I got mine at walmart for a few bucks
–  I emailed Bonne Bell and they said that this flavor in particular does not contain carmine


– Bonne bell said that some of the flavors in the lip lites line contained lanolin and some other non-vegan ingredient so if you are a vegan these probably aren’t for you



So far this month I’ve purchased a few things I’ve wanted for a long time and some things I just bought on a whim.

Turquoise Wayfarers: I’ve shown these in a few of my outfit of the days already, I love them! My Dad bought them for me at Target. I think the color is so pretty and unlike some sunglasses, they’re really comfortable. On the site they say they’re not sold in stores but they most certainly are. Target does that a lot and it drives me crazy.

Alba coconut cream lip balm: I had wanted this for quite a while, I have the other two flavors and this was the last one I needed. It smells really delicious. I’ve been obsessed with lip balm lately. I got mine at Sprouts on sale for $2.49.

E.L.F. white shimmer liner: I’ve wanted a white eyeliner for a long time and I figured I would get this one because it’s only a dollar. I’ve used it a few times and it’s not terribly pigmented but it does the job. It does have a really pretty shimmer to it.

Conair 1 inch curling iron: I have pretty thick/long hair and it doesn’t hold a curl too well. I usually use an iron that I believe is about 3/4 inch and it gives really tight curls that eventually fall, but it takes so long to do my whole head! I thought a one inch would still give me pretty tight curls but not take so freaking long to do. I got mine at Target on sale for $10.

Desert Essence coconut shampoo and conditioner: I was soooo excited to try these! I first heard about them in a comment on a Veggie Beauty video. When I looked them up myself I saw nothing but good reviews. They retail for about $9 a piece but when I went to Sprouts to buy them they were on sale for $7 each! I’ve been using them for about a week now and my hair definitely feels softer and healthier which is exactly what I needed. I may do a full review on these sometime.

Hollister skirt: I was really excited to buy this! I went to Hollister looking for something else (which I will talk about next) but they had a lot of stuff on sale and I got this skirt for around $15 (original price was $49.50). It is so adorable and I can see it being really easy to wear while still able to be dressed up. I am planning on wearing it with a white v-neck and my white sneakers.

Hollister bikini: Now this is what I went to Hollister for. I signed up for their text messages (which I highly recommend doing!) and I got a text on Saturday saying that all “Bettys” swimsuits were $8 (meaning a full swimsuit would be $16). I was so excited because a full swimsuit is regularly about $50 from there!! Luckily I went on Saturday when they still had swimsuits in stock and I got one that fits and looks soooo cute!

Purple bandeau: So as you may be able to see in some of my outfit of the day photos, I have dark reddish hair. This lead to a semi-obsession with the little mermaid. I was hunting for an Ariel-esque swimsuit for so long now. I purchased green swimsuit bottoms months ago hoping I would find a purple top soon. Only yesterday did I finally find it! I had kind of given up and I saw this at Target and I just about crapped my pants. It was about $18 which is ridiculous for one piece of a freaking Target swimsuit but after looking for so long I didn’t care. Plus, it is so perfect and adds to the mermaid-ness of the set. I’m showing my swimsuit bottoms to give the full effect even though they were purchased quite a while ago (from Forever21).

Review: E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in Fashionista

This product wasn’t exactly what I expected. E.L.F. seems to be notorious for having shade examples online that are totally different than the actual product. I knew that before I ordered this though, so I was kind of expecting the unexpected. First off, the color online seemed a lot more muted and what I received was a near hot pink. That being said, I really like the color and would still have purchased it knowing the actual color. The stain itself has an interesting texture. I would say it’s more of a matte lip cream. Other lip stains have a gel consistency and this almost seems like paint (that sounds bad but it’s not). Now I’ll do my usual pro and con list.


  • very pigmented
  • not horribly drying, if I didn’t already have dry lips I could see it being worn without a balm or gloss
  • cheap
  • comes with a clear gloss, it’s basic but I like having it


  • I don’t know if this can be purchased at Target like some of E.L.F.’s products. I’ve never seen it there but I got mine on
  • if you were hoping for a specific color it may not be exactly what you ordered. I definitely recommend looking up swatches of whatever you plan on buying from E.L.F.