e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadows Review



I bought three of these colors at Target a while back because I’m always looking for new eye products. They were $3 a piece and I think that’s a fair price for the size of the product (.12 oz, compare to Urban Decay’s eyeshadow singles that run about $18 for .05 oz.). The packaging is nice and easy to open. From what I’ve tried, the colors are hit or miss but I definitely plan on trying more. Here is my experience with the colors I bought…

Bark: This color has become a total staple for me. If I somehow managed to run out of this product I would buy it again, although I don’t think I will need to considering the generous amount of product. This is a very shimmery brown color and it looks great with so many different eyeshadow colors. Most days I wear a cream eyeshadow on my eyelid with a warm brown/mauve in the crease and I don’t feel complete until I’ve blended some of this color on the outer part of my eyelid.


Pixie: I had high hopes for this color, I’m a huge fan of colors like Urban Decay’s Sin and Virgin so I was hoping to find another shimmery pink lid color now that Urban Decay sold out to L’Oreal. It’s a pretty color but not as pigmented as I thought it would be. I find myself having to dig my brush into the product to get the coverage that I want.


Burnt plum: I’m obsessed with this color. I tend to avoid colored eyeshadows because I find that they can easily look clown-ish. However, this eyeshadow is just neutral enough that I have no problem using it on a regular day. It’s very pigmented and I love blending it on the outer part of my eyelid when I’m wearing cream, brown or gold eye makeup. I think this is a fun yet easy way to add some color to your makeup.


Overall, I think these eyshadows are worth a try. I use two of them on a regular basis and I hope to get more colors in the future.


July Favorites

This was another month that I didn’t have a whole lot of makeup favorites. I haven’t been buying hardly any makeup just because I am trying to be done buying from large companies that test on animals and make non-vegan products.

E.L.F. cream eyeliner: This is an old/all time favorite product. I go through different phases with my eye makeup and now I’m in a phase of wearing one eyeshadow color with this eyeliner on my upper lashline. It is so easy and fast to apply and this doesn’t fade during the day like lining your waterline does. This is $3 at Target and I’ve had it for like a year now without it drying out.

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin: I love using this all over my lid, it is exactly the summer-y shimmer color I want.

Sprouts sandwiches: Oh my gosh these are delicious. I always despise going to places like subway and having to tell them what you want and they always get it wrong. At Sprouts they have a piece of paper where you check off all of the things you want on your sandwich and it’s $3.99. My favorite is the vegetarian on rye bread with lettuce, avocado, salt, pepper and oil.

Conair 1 inch curling iron: This takes a lot less time to use than my smaller iron and it gives gorgeous curls that are just tight enough. I love that it heats up enough to give a very defined curl.

AllTrails app: This is so awesome. I haven’t gotten to do any of the hikes yet but you can put in your zip code or a place you are going and it will give you a list of trails, what you can do there, what seasons they are open and how difficult they are. I am so excited to do some of the hikes!

Pink Sugar perfume + ULTA va va vanilla body spray: The vanilla body spray was a favorite last month as well, it was so easy to use these together and I smelled like a cookie for the rest of the day. Now that I’m on vacation I couldn’t bring the vanilla body spray :( but I brought pink sugar with me.

Days until app: This month I had a lot of things to look forward to. I previously used some other countdown apps and they sucked so hard. You could only add one event without having to pay and there were obnoxious ads. This lets me have all the events I want and you can use your own photos as well.

Inner thighs workout: I don’t listen to the dumb song they play in the video but I was using a song I will mention in a second. Pretty much, for most parts of the song you do scissor motions with your legs and at the chorus you do small circles with each leg. I liked that it wasn’t too strenuous but still felt like I was doing something.

Party on Fifth Ave by Mac Miller: This song is really dumb when you look at the lyrics but it’s just so fun to listen to.

Crossbody bag: This is the only bag I brought on my trip to the northwest and so far it is working out well. It is really easy to carry and the only complaint I have is that it can be a bit uncomfortable on my shoulder if I have too much stuff in it, but that is true with any purse. I get a lot of compliments on it as well.

Victoria’s Secret Pink cropped yoga leggings: So these were originally cropped yoga pants but I didn’t like the fit so I got them altered to be tighter/leggings. I have been traveling a lot this month and these are perfect because they are comfy like sweatpants but look really good.