Review: E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in Fashionista

This product wasn’t exactly what I expected. E.L.F. seems to be notorious for having shade examples online that are totally different than the actual product. I knew that before I ordered this though, so I was kind of expecting the unexpected. First off, the color online seemed a lot more muted and what I received was a near hot pink. That being said, I really like the color and would still have purchased it knowing the actual color. The stain itself has an interesting texture. I would say it’s more of a matte lip cream. Other lip stains have a gel consistency and this almost seems like paint (that sounds bad but it’s not). Now I’ll do my usual pro and con list.


  • very pigmented
  • not horribly drying, if I didn’t already have dry lips I could see it being worn without a balm or gloss
  • cheap
  • comes with a clear gloss, it’s basic but I like having it


  • I don’t know if this can be purchased at Target like some of E.L.F.’s products. I’ve never seen it there but I got mine on
  • if you were hoping for a specific color it may not be exactly what you ordered. I definitely recommend looking up swatches of whatever you plan on buying from E.L.F.