Easy Vegan Meal Idea

Today I thought I’d do a somewhat different post. I would like to incorporate more vegetarian lifestyle posts in to my blog because that is something very important to me. This “recipe” is so easy and delicious, it’s worth giving a shot even if you eat meat.
Ingredients: you can find all of these things at Whole Foods

  • Rudi’s Rocky Mountain sourdough bread (or other vegan bread)
  • Tofurky deli slices
  • Smoky maple bacon tempeh
  • Vegenaise (I use the soy free kind)
  • Olive/vegetable oil


This takes less than 10 minutes to make! First, I put whatever oil I have in to a pan and fry four slices of the tempeh until it’s medium brown on each side.While that’s cooking I toast the sourdough bread. Then I put the tempeh and bread together, and add Tofurky and Vegenaise and voila!
vegansandwichNot even a recipe, just a meal idea if you’re looking for some cruelty free inspiration. Thanks for reading!


Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day

V-neck: Forever21, Scarf: World Market, Jeans: Hot Topic, Boots: Macy’s

Admittedly, my outfit for thanksgiving dinner consisted of flannel pj pants and cozy layers. I put this on later for some black Friday shopping, which has turned into black Thursday which is so dumb! But what corporate America wants, corporate America gets haha! I actually like this outfit a lot. It was decently warm today as I live in California so I didn’t need a jacket or anything but it’s thanksgiving so I’m not going to wear shorts and a tank top (although some people shopping were!).

I just got this scarf yesterday and it’s so me! Shades of green/teal are my favorite colors and I love silver so it’s perfect. These jeans are also great, they’re the Hot Topic super skinny jeans and they don’t lose their shape at all. Finally, my first pair of real riding boots, Macy’s had them on sale for $25 dollars but they’re going to be $20 for black Friday if anyone’s interested. I plan on going out for more shopping later so I’ll probably modify the outfit for the cold. Anyways, I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving and if you plan on going black Friday shopping I hope you get all of the good deals :)