Is St. Tropez vegan?

When I’m looking for information about a product’s cruelty free status, I find it helpful when people post about their knowledge of the product and/or company. It often takes quite a while for a company to respond back to questions so I thought I would post my correspondence with St. Tropez, the tanning brand.

I have a set of questions that I send to any company when I inquire about their cruelty free status. I found this list of questions from visionaryvoice on Youtube. My email to St. Tropez read:

I have a few questions about your company.

1. Does your company test ingredients or finished products on animals?
2. Do you test ingredients or products on animals through a 3rd party?
3. Do your manufacturers/suppliers test ingredients or products on animals?
4. Are you owned or affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals?
5. Do you/your parent company currently or have plans to market and sell your products in the Chinese market, which requires animal testing by law to sell in that country?
6. Could you provide a list of all of your current vegan items available for purchase?

Thank you so much for the information.”

They responded with:

“St Tropez is not animal tested nor are any ingredients animal tested. We have no knowledge of expanding to the Chinese market as this is a corporate matter and the corporate office is in the UK. Currently we do not have any products marketed as “vegan” so there is no way we can assure any of our products are 100% vegan. Hope this helps,

St Tropez Customer Service

Their answer was a little vague, in my opinion. They did not directly address the questions regarding animal testing performed by their suppliers, manufacturers or a third party. Additionally, not knowing about an expansion into China because their “corporate office is in the UK” seemed irrelevant to me. There are these cool things called telephones and email that allow you to communicate anywhere in the world! Anyway, it is my belief that a company should know where all of their ingredients are derived from, regardless of whether they market their products as vegan. I hope this post helps some of you looking for information on the cruelty free/vegan status of St. Tropez. If anyone knows of a dark, vegan and cruelty free self tanner; I would love to hear about it because I have yet to find one!

Thanks for reading!


e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadows Review



I bought three of these colors at Target a while back because I’m always looking for new eye products. They were $3 a piece and I think that’s a fair price for the size of the product (.12 oz, compare to Urban Decay’s eyeshadow singles that run about $18 for .05 oz.). The packaging is nice and easy to open. From what I’ve tried, the colors are hit or miss but I definitely plan on trying more. Here is my experience with the colors I bought…

Bark: This color has become a total staple for me. If I somehow managed to run out of this product I would buy it again, although I don’t think I will need to considering the generous amount of product. This is a very shimmery brown color and it looks great with so many different eyeshadow colors. Most days I wear a cream eyeshadow on my eyelid with a warm brown/mauve in the crease and I don’t feel complete until I’ve blended some of this color on the outer part of my eyelid.


Pixie: I had high hopes for this color, I’m a huge fan of colors like Urban Decay’s Sin and Virgin so I was hoping to find another shimmery pink lid color now that Urban Decay sold out to L’Oreal. It’s a pretty color but not as pigmented as I thought it would be. I find myself having to dig my brush into the product to get the coverage that I want.


Burnt plum: I’m obsessed with this color. I tend to avoid colored eyeshadows because I find that they can easily look clown-ish. However, this eyeshadow is just neutral enough that I have no problem using it on a regular day. It’s very pigmented and I love blending it on the outer part of my eyelid when I’m wearing cream, brown or gold eye makeup. I think this is a fun yet easy way to add some color to your makeup.


Overall, I think these eyshadows are worth a try. I use two of them on a regular basis and I hope to get more colors in the future.

Vegan Quesadilla Inspired by Taco Bell

The chicken quesadilla was one of my favorite foods from Taco Bell before I went vegetarian. The Taco Bell version is described on their website as “grilled and marinated all-white-meat chicken combined with a three cheese blend and a creamy jalapeño sauce all folded in a freshly grilled tortilla”. Here is my vegan version!
You’ll need:
• vegan tortillas – Trader Joe’s sells various kinds if you’re not sure where to get them
• Daiya pepper jack shredded cheese
• Trader Joe’s chicken-less strips
• Vegan ranch dressing
• your favorite hot sauce
I don’t really need to write instructions on how to make this because it’s so straightforward but pretty much just make the chicken-less chicken according to the package directions and then put the fake chicken and Daiya in a tortilla and make a quesadilla out of it! I used the hot sauce and ranch on the side as a good replacement for the “creamy jalapeño sauce”. I’m happy to have found a good cruelty free version of an old favorite.
Thanks for reading!

Easy Vegan Meal Idea

Today I thought I’d do a somewhat different post. I would like to incorporate more vegetarian lifestyle posts in to my blog because that is something very important to me. This “recipe” is so easy and delicious, it’s worth giving a shot even if you eat meat.
Ingredients: you can find all of these things at Whole Foods

  • Rudi’s Rocky Mountain sourdough bread (or other vegan bread)
  • Tofurky deli slices
  • Smoky maple bacon tempeh
  • Vegenaise (I use the soy free kind)
  • Olive/vegetable oil


This takes less than 10 minutes to make! First, I put whatever oil I have in to a pan and fry four slices of the tempeh until it’s medium brown on each side.While that’s cooking I toast the sourdough bread. Then I put the tempeh and bread together, and add Tofurky and Vegenaise and voila!
vegansandwichNot even a recipe, just a meal idea if you’re looking for some cruelty free inspiration. Thanks for reading!

The Grove and more vegan food!

Jacket - Tilly's, mint sweatshirt - Whole Foods, gray cami - JC Penney, scarf - Romi, leggings - Forever21, boots - Macy's

Jacket – Tilly’s, mint sweatshirt – Whole Foods, gray cami – JC Penney, scarf – Romi, leggings – Forever21, boots – Macy’s

Today we had some relatively bad weather (for LA at least). Shopping was our rainy day activity of choice (although we went to an outdoor mall…). It didn’t really rain til later in the day but it was pretty cold so layers were key. I wore my favorite sweatshirt/top thing from Whole Foods, who would have thought that would be a good clothing store? I think the mint keeps the outfit from being too dark, like so many of my outfits are. I also wore one of my favorite scarves, it’s so soft and luxurious.

vegancrabcakeburgersprinklesbagLastly, what’s a Nutmegan blog post without food pictures? This was my first time at Veggie Grill and I had such a hard time choosing what to order! I decided on the vegan crab cake burger because it sounded so unique and it was! After lunch we went over to Sprinkles cupcakes and they had a vegan red velvet cupcake! It was really good, and instead of Sprinkles’ classic fondant circle on top, there was a “V” for vegan. Very cute and delicious.

Thanks for reading!

Vegan food and Santa Monica


Vest – some store at Simi Valley mall, v-neck – Forever21, jeans – Macy’s, flip flops – Ross, purse – Ross, sunglasses – Target. spike bracelet – Brandy Melville

My family from out of town is here so we’ve been doing some fun things around southern California. Today we went to lunch at this awesome restaurant called Native Foods Cafe, and we had dessert at Diddy Riese.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

This was my delicious vegan reuben sandwich.

It was a little cold out and I forgot my jacket, but it was still fun. I was also wearing my newest Neff beanie, it’s mint green!
ferriswheelviewWe went on the ferris wheel on the pier, I’ve been on it once before but it was still awesome! The view is insane, if you are visiting near Santa Monica I highly recommend it, I think it’s only like $5 per person.

Portland Outfit of the Day

Today we started out by going downtown, and I saw Tom Hanks and he waved at me!!! After that we just did different things near the Portland area. I changed my outfit a little bit as the day got hotter.

Dress: I really can’t remember, but the brand is “One Clothing”
Jacket: Tilly’s
Crossbody: San Diego Saturday market
Flip flops: Old Navy
Watch: Target
Bracelets: 99 cent store
Necklace: Cannon Beach

Sparkly bricks! These were so cute.

Tom Hanks!


I don’t think this is exactly the one but we went near a rock used in a Twilight scene

Review: Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner

Almost my entire life I have used drugstore shampoo and conditioner. Lately I’ve been more interested in buying vegan products, as well as things that don’t have harmful chemicals. I’ve read really scary things about certain chemicals and how they can cause cancer so when I read the ingredient label on this product I was really excited! You can see the ingredients for the shampoo here and the ingredients for the conditioner here.

First of all, I have very long, thick, color-treated hair. I use mostly ammonia/peroxide free dyes lately but I have used more harsh chemicals before. Previously, I was using the Finesse Texture Enhancing shampoo which really did nothing for my hair, I just continued to use it because it didn’t really irritate my scalp. After one use of the Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner I could tell there was a difference. My hair was still dry but it felt softer already. After using it for a week or two my hair feels almost perfect. It is so soft and smooth! I have naturally straight hair, so when it’s dry you can really tell and now it looks like I used a flat iron just letting it air dry!

The fact that this is vegan and free of awful chemicals is just great. Plus, the smell is amazing. Sometimes I can faintly smell the coconut in my hair after I’ve showered which is awesome. I purchased mine at Sprouts but Desert Essence has a store locator here. I can’t recommend these two products enough!

Review: Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I was wandering around Sally Beauty Supply and I saw a lot of the Ion Color Brilliance products marked as “100% vegan” when I saw their semi-permanent hair color I grabbed it without reading the package. After using it I read on the bottle that it contains “silk protein”. That freaked me out a little bit but I wasn’t too worried because I’m not a vegan (I’m a vegetarian) and I thought maybe it was along the lines of milk where it comes from an animal but the animal isn’t killed but I wasn’t sure how silk is produced. After researching that (which was horrifying) I knew I didn’t want to use this product if it did contain silk derived from silk worms. I’m still not sure if there’s another source of silk but I am going to show my correspondence with Ion Color Brilliance.

Me: “Is your semi permanent hair color vegan?”
Ion Color Brilliance: “Are products are cruelty free not tested on animals. Thank you in advance for using our products.”
Me: “Thank you for the information regarding your animal testing policy, however my question was about ingredients. Are any of the ingredients in your semi-permanent hair dye animal derived? If so, which ones?”
Ion color Brilliance: “no none of our ingredients are animal derived. Thank you in advance for using our products.”

Then because I was still unsure I sent an email from my other account

Me: “Is the hydrolyzed sericin in your semi permanent hair color in the shade dark red brown from a synthetic source? Thank you.”
Ion Color Brilliance: “None of our color products have ingredients that are derived from animal by products.”

Now my problem is, if they are considering silk worms to be animals or not. I could easily see this company saying their products are free of animal ingredients while including silk from silkworms because they seemed to not want to answer my question. I get this a lot from various companies and it is just so frustrating. Honestly, only a few times have I gotten a response from a company clearly stating that their products do contain animal ingredients and I appreciate that so much more than someone beating around the bush. If anyone knows whether or not the “hydrolyzed sericin” is silkworm derived or if it is vegan I would really appreciate it if you would let me know!!

Aside from this confusion, I felt that I would review the product anyway. It sucks that I’m not sure if it’s vegan because I actually liked it. If I get confirmation that it is I will repurchase but until then I feel a little uneasy about it.

– It came out the exact color that I wanted. I have been dying my hair in the red family for years and this was pretty much the perfect color. Not too obnoxious but you don’t have to be in bright sunlight to see the red tones
– Cheap, I believe it was around $3 or $4 at Sally Beauty Supply
– Easy to use, no mixing is required and you just rub it throughout your hair and let it sit for 25 minutes

– The whole first part of this review is a con!!
– It’s not as conditioning as some dyes, which is ironic because of the whole issue with the silk

Top: Before, Bottom: After

Now the reason I bought this dye in particular was because I wanted something that wouldn’t stain my hair. This supposedly washes out in 5-7 washes so I will probably do an update post in a while.

Review: Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lip Color

I bought my first of these lipsticks looking for something that would look like what Bella wears in the Twilight movies. I’m not a huge fan of the formulation but the price and the fact that it is vegan (the red one is on the list of Wet’n’Wild’s vegan products seen here but I don’t know about the peach one: make up for it. Now on to what I like and dislike about these lipsticks.

– Cheap: $1.99 at Walmart
– Shades 900B through 919B are vegan according to Wet’n’Wild
– Pigmented, I’ll have swatches at the bottom of the post
– Accessible, it’s rare to find something without animal ingredients at a convenient place like Walmart

– Drying: I have dry lips to begin with so this sucks but if I use it with a lip balm and/or gloss it looks fine
– Matte finish, this goes along with being a dry formula. I definitely prefer creamy finishes (think Revlon lip butters)

Top: Spiked with Rum 915B
Bottom: Just Peachy 903C