Dinner Outfit of the Night

red printed pants full outfit

I can’t remember the last time I was this obsessed with a clothing item. It’s shallow, but it’s such an awesome feeling to find something cute that you know you will wear a million times just because it makes you so happy. I feel like these pants match my personality, free flowing, easy going and kind of weird.

I loved these so much I bought another pair in black and white. I wish it wasn’t so hot already so I could wear both of them more often. Luckily I got the chance to wear them out to dinner this evening. I think these pants look best with a cropped top because they sit kind of high on my waist. This crop top is one of those awesome tie-back halter tops, it’s backless and I wanted to get a cool shot showing the open back but by the time I thought of it it was dark outside :(

bm crop top fancy arrow

Outfit details:

  • AMAZING palazzo/wide leg printed pants: Macy’s, they were originally $34 but they were hella on sale so I got both pairs for about that price.
  • Halter crop top: $10-ish from Brandy Melville, as you can see from my fancy photo editing skills above
  • Flip flops (not that you can really see them…): Flojos from Costco

lazy dog dinner


P.S. Lazy Dog tofu teriyaki is delicious




Shopping Outfit of the Day

pink tribal crop top outfit


I wore this outfit yesterday to go shopping. I used to hate high waisted shorts but I think this pair isn’t too extreme. I got these from a store called Ally Fashion for like $12. My top is from JCPenney. I love the length of this crop top, it’s so hard to find ones that cover my belly button but this one does! Under my shirt I’m wearing this adorable peach colored lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret PINK. My sandals are Flojos from Costco. They’re surprisingly comfortable, I had no problems walking around the mall for hours. While I was out, I got two pairs of AMAZING wide leg printed pants. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and I’m so glad I finally got some. I’m planning to take some outfit photos wearing them and continue blogging!

peace out

Portland Outfit of the Day

Today we started out by going downtown, and I saw Tom Hanks and he waved at me!!! After that we just did different things near the Portland area. I changed my outfit a little bit as the day got hotter.

Dress: I really can’t remember, but the brand is “One Clothing”
Jacket: Tilly’s
Crossbody: San Diego Saturday market
Flip flops: Old Navy
Watch: Target
Bracelets: 99 cent store
Necklace: Cannon Beach

Sparkly bricks! These were so cute.

Tom Hanks!


I don’t think this is exactly the one but we went near a rock used in a Twilight scene

Outfit of the Day

This is kind of a crappy outfit but I liked these stairs for a background rather than my backyard.

Top: thrift store, it’s in Oregon and it’s called Red White and Blue, such a cool store!
Shorts: Old Navy
Flip flops: Fred Meyer
Bracelets: one from my friend and the other from Target

Also, today I went to Taco Bell which is pretty much my favorite restaurant, and tried their new cantina menu. I got the veggie bowl and it was really good! Now I’m at Starbucks drinking an old favorite, passion fruit iced tea lemonade!




Outfit of the Day

Today I just went to the mall, specifically to go to Hollister. My outfit was inspired by the store, I love it! I’ve been wearing a bit more color than I normally do, usually in my accessories.

Top: Fred Meyer
Cami: Forever21
Shorts: Hollister
Sandals: Ross
Necklace: Somewhere in Hawaii
Hair bow: Forever21
Watch: Target